Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summer Recap - Finally!

I'm more faithful at other things in life! For those of you that have been missing my blogliness (which is a word that is somewhat disturbing although it means nothing) I have been out and about all summer. It takes discipline and time to manage one of these things and this summer I have had neither blog discipline or blog time. Please forgive me for not being around...all of the 2 people that are reading this. Here's what's been happening...


This picture in particular represents Cairo to me. Here I am at a Muslim orphanage with a ministry group made up of Sudanese, German, Austrailian, Egyptian, and American (me). I remember this moment because we were at a high point in the city looking out over this massive area with people from many different countries. It's amazing how this little team came together at the YWAM Global Youth Outreach and then went out to this orphanage even though we all had very different backgrounds and cultures. On the way back the Sudanese crew busted out some crazy African song and we all just laughed and sang together. What an amazing experience...

Above the Noise went to Egypt to lead worship at a conference right in the middle of Cairo. Around 1000 people attended from all over Cairo and the world. We had many exciting experiences here that I couldn't even fill on this blog. Here's some more photos to give you a glimpse...

Hopefully that will cover some of what we did in your mind. Truly an amazing experience in my life. Also did I mention that my brother Corey got engaged on the Nile to Whitney Stern? The wedding is in October and I'm pretty excited about that for them, Whit is really amazing and I'm stoked to have a sister finally!


Another reason I haven't blogged in because of Oneighty's summer camp at Rockaway Beach, OR. We had such an awesome time at this camp. The atmosphere of this camp was different than any we had previously. So many students encountered God. The main thing that I sensed was such an increase in the amount of community we had with each other as staff and also with the students. I think everyone came away from camp really feeling like the got to know many people on such a more personal basis.

Plus we were pumped about the beach! We had bonfires and skimboarding and all kinds of sand in our shorts! Worship rocked, the speakers rocked, but most of all God rocked the whole place. I came back changed.


Last thing on the list and biggest news for me of all is that I am taking the new High School Pastor position in Oneighty. Bo Stern, our Pastor for four years and a close friend of mine is passing the ministry off to me. I feel very honored to be a part of what God has been building in Oneighty. I'm mostly excited about what God is about to do in the youth of the city of Bend this coming year. I officially start Sept 1st and as we link this BLOG to I hope many High School folks get to know me better through it. Please post your thoughts homeys!

I make this commitment to you...I will blog more frequently. Summer is past, Fall is almost here, and I'm stoked that you've been reading this. Keep it up, and keep making Jesus NUMERO UNO as he should be. - Casey out