Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 - The Year in Review


0 Moves
1 New Job
1 Brother married
1 New Sister Added
3 Minor Injuries
8 Years I owned my 1990 Subaru Legacy
1,237,899 times the back of the car squeaked while I drove
201,000 Miles it had on it when I gave it away
3 Times I had my credit card number stolen and used
1 New Vox Amp
1 New Fender Telecaster Guitar
1 Hour Spent Actually Playing Them :)
1 Vacation to the Beach (Grateful bread pancakes!)
1 Trip to Cairo Egypt
150 People that came to Christ in Egypt!
1 Trip to the Fray (Piano rock remember?)
4 Close Friends move away from Bend (Uganda and Nampa represent!)
302 Times I was mistaken for Corey
40 Student Leaders in our first year of the program (rockin' the city)
1 Unfinished Acoustic Project
35 Unfinished Books
1 Finished Backyard
0 Times I was in an epic battle with Ninjas and Warlords

1 Too Many Stats

Blue Ribbon Burgers from Red Robin
Bills from the Emergency Room


Egypt (watch this video to understand why!!)

The Fray

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I'm just really enjoying bands like this right now. I went to their concert in Portland this year with a couple friends and thought it was great! Check out the band MuteMath - they are cool too.


Books I was Into:

Searching for God Knows What - Donald Miller
Velvet Elvis - Rob Bell
Culture Warrior - Bill O'Reilly

Music I was Into:

Jonny Lang**
Mute Math
Hillsong United
The Fray**
Delirious (revisted the old stuff + new)
**bands I saw live!

Ok, that's a mouthful of what happened to me in 2006. What was your favorite part of 2006?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hey Oneighty - Tell Your Story Here

The ground rules:
Tell me in "one word descriptions" about a life threatening experience you had. After that include how God brought you through it...for examples look at the comments in the previous post. We'll read some of them next week at 1...8...0! Rock on!