Friday, November 23, 2007


Sorry to everyone who's been trying to get a hold of me lately. An epidemic is upon me and haven't been able to get over it for days. It's truly an impressive bug that not even airborne, dayquil, nyquil, theraflu, or coldbusters from Jamba Juice have been able to conquer. Your prayers are much appreciated! Hope you had an amazing thanksgiving!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Visual Aid

With camera cord in tact, here are a few images of the last month or so.

Crazy Uno Night
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Eric Parnell's Bachelor Extravaganza
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The Other Parnell's
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The Infamous Pone
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The Last Days Before Snow
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Casey Q & A

Here's whats really stupid about this post - I am pretending to sit across the table from myself and ask questions to myself. This is like someone from a prestigious magazine or newspaper hosting an interview during which they ask someone famous or high in position (like a movie star or politician) to chat about their life. Since I am neither of these things prestigious or into cinema this is what we have to work with. Plus I am acting as both people which makes this experience especially asinine. Let me remind you, this is a blog, not spectacular by any means, barely read, with little content, and no stinkin' pictures to inspire the taste buds of the visual learner! I have to admit, I am in a bit of a crazy mood, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm relaxed and ready to ask myself questions. The mayhem begins...

Q: Hey why don't you blog more?
A: I feel like a blog without pictures is uninspiring and I can never find my blasted camera cord, hence the lack of writing! Although as soon as I find it, there will be memories...oh yes...memories there will be.

Q: What is the most ridiculous thing that's happened lately?
A: I've found that I have some type of mild sleeping disorder. I honestly can fall asleep, anywhere, anytime, no problem. It doesn't take long, keep Casey idle for a second and its over. Room full of people, bus, train, plane, earthquake, movie, public speaking (kidding) happens out of the blue. I have been getting less sleep lately but not so little that this should happen. Here's a quote I made up about it "From the moment I wake up in the morning my life is in a continual state of falling back asleep."

Q: Second most ridiculous?
A: Ok, so I'm been thinking a lot about know how everyone you know always has all these conversations in the hallway that are just filler lines. Here's an example:

Person One: "Hey, how's it going?"
Person Two: "Good, how are you?"
Person One: "Good."
Person Two: "Good."
Person One: May switch after this between a "Good" or verbal "So..." which is never completed.
Both People: "Good."

Then both people leave going opposite directions thinking "Man, we know each other so well, oh my gosh we're like best friends now. We have so much in common, we're both so good! What the heck?!" I think these conversations are so lame but eveyday there I am again and again having them.

My friend Kevin and I discussed this in detail and we're going to start doing something different. Instead of these "hallway" filler conversations that everyone is having, we're going to switch up the questions to something deep immediately everytime. For instance, "Hey how's your mother's health?" Or "Are you reading any good books lately and did any specific phrase leap out to you and dig deep into your soul and cause you to change?" Ok, hope that was inspiring to you (even more than a well placed picture right here>>>)

Q: What bands are you into right now?
A: I actually really like the Robbie Seay Band (especially a song called "Love Wins") also Hillsong United's new album

Q: What have you currently been doing?
A: Working at Westside church in Oneighty as always. We just started our Student Leadership program again for the year and we have 22 students getting trained up to change their world. I've also been writing a lot of songs. Some are speaking into the state of the world, some are simply speaking out how much I enjoy and care about God.

Q: Any current thoughts that you are pumped about?
A: Speaking of that song "Love Wins" I've been thinking about the concept of Revolutionary Love. About how outreach and compassion are not something that we can just schedule in, they must be lived. Check out Mark 9:36 for Jesus' take on this. He was "moved" with compassion. I believe the word "moved" there originally talks about being moved to your bowels. Kind of grotesque, but true. Real love for others comes from a deep place. A place only God can cultivate and grow. I'm praying God will help me in this area.

Q: Casey, you're getting older are you dating anyone?
A: False.

Q: How should we end this Q & A time?
A: I think we should see if anyone else has a random question to ask. I mean it is awesome asking yourself questions and answering them yourself but honestly after doing this for a while you really start to feel silly.