Monday, August 16, 2010

#4 Water and Fire EP

I've had this little EP of mine sitting on the home shelf for months (ok it was on my computer, you get it!), waiting for a sunny day. Today I decided to release it! Water and Fire is a collection of acoustic songs that I put together for my lives shows. It's available on iTunes, follow the link:

ITUNES - Casey Parnell (Water and Fire)

I'll take just a second to pull apart the song "Don't Leave Me Behind" for you.  Sometimes I feel like life is passing me by, like everyone else around are moving forward while you stay in the same place. I have also felt like God is moving, and I'm stagnant. This song to me is a plea for God to stick with me, to be patient me my shortcomings, and to move me when I'm stuck. The reality is God likes me. He likes you. He's not content to leave us where we've been, but sometimes I feel that way, so I wrote about it.


Cassie said...
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Cassie said...

the advantage of reading your blog?

oh, reading great announcements like this and going straight to itunes and purchasing.

your welcome. :)